What does power do in minecraft

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What does power enchantment do in Minecraft?

Ranged Weapons:Channeling – Trident channels a bolt of lightning toward a hit entity. …Flame – Arrows set targets on fire. …Impaling – Trident deals additional damage to mobs that spawn naturally in the ocean. …Infinity – Shooting with projectiles does not consume arrows. …Loyalty – Trident returns after being thrown. …

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What is Conduit power effect in Minecraft?

TriviaThe Conduit Power status icon reuses the old Heart of the Sea texture.Conduit power has 3 effect levels: I, II, and III.Each prismarine ring around the conduit increases the effect level by one and increases the range. The amount of blocks needed for the maximum effect level is 42.

What are the Max enchantments in Minecraft?

What are all the possible enchantments in Minecraft?Aqua Affinity. Increases your mining rate while under water.Bane of Arthropods. Increases damage to arthropods, exclusive with Smite and Sharpness.Blast Protection. Reduce damage from explosions.Channeling.Curse of Binding.Curse of Vanishing.Depth Strider.Efficiency.

How does the mending enchantment work in Minecraft?

Enchantments add another level on top of the base stat and that work … Minecraft is a netherite sword with these enchantments: Sharpness V Looting III Unbreaking III Sweeping Edge III Mending …

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