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10 Weird facts about Minecraft. Numba One. The Ender Chest, Flower Pot, and Item Frame were all suggested by reddit, and added to the …

5 strange Minecraft facts that beginners should know about #5 – Minecraft was almost named Cave game. In 2009, Markus Presson, also …

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Minecraft’s time is 72 times faster compared to the real-time. 1 second in Minecraft is equivalent to 0.0138 seconds in real-time. In other words, playing Minecraft for 20 minutes is equivalent to 1 day in Minecraft’s time.

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What are some cool facts about Minecraft?

88 Crafting table was once called "workbench". 89 The first Enderman originally had green eyes. 90 As Minecraft grew, so did its strongholds. 91 Zombies are safe in the cobweb in the daytime. 92 Carpet and farm fence is a great defensive move against hostile mobs.

What is the origin of Minecraft’s most famous hostile mob?

A Creeper (Image via Sketchfab) Minecraft’s most famous hostile mob was created by the developers because of a fault in the game’s codes. A developer for Minecraft answered a fan’s questions about the origin of creeper by saying that when they were creating pig, they used the wrong length and height values for it because of which Creeper was born.

How many awards has Minecraft won?

07 Markus Persson (creator of Minecraft) won the BAFTA Games Special Award in 2012. 08 Minecraft won the Best Family and Social Game Award in 2015. 09 Minecraft won the Kid’s Choice Award for Video Games in 2015.

What are the best things to have in Minecraft?

75 Shovels are the best for digging around. 76 Compass points to the player’s spawn point. 77 A fishing rod can hook treasure items. 78 The clocks illustrate the current in-game time. 79 Iron Ingot is the only material that can make a shear. 80 Buckets are useful and versatile in Minecraft.

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