Thorns minecraft enchantment

Thorns is an armor enchantment that causes attackers to be damaged when they deal damage to the wearer. Guardians and elder guardians have a Thorns-like effect which …

In addition to normal enchanting, Thorns I and II can be obtained naturally from drops, fishing, trading with a villager or as loot from generated structures. Thorns III cannot be directly obtain…

Minecraft: Everything about the Thorns Enchantment



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Is thorns worth it Minecraft?

To summarize, Thorns Minecraft is no doubt a powerful enchantment for your defensive items. Although it comes at a cost of armor durability, still Thorns III is really worth it. The knockback effect really helps in difficult scenarios.

Are thorns good in Minecraft?

Yes thorns is a very good enchantment in situations like you are doing a pvp and it does damage when the other person touches u and when you are afk and some mob is attacking u. I prefer thorns 3 as the best thorns enchantment Originally Answered: Is the thorns enchantment worth it in Minecraft?

What are the best enchantments in Minecraft?

The Best Minecraft Chestplate EnchantmentsProtection. The most powerful protection enchantment for chestplate is the general Protection enchantment. …Unbreaking. The Unbreaking enchantment is another durability enchantment similar to mending. …Projectile Protection. …Blast Protection. …Fire Protection. …Thorns. …Mending. …Curse of Vanishing. …Curse of Binding. …

How do you get thorns on Minecraft?

StrongholdMineshaftOcean RuinsWoodland MansionDesert PyramidPillager OutpostJungle Pyramid [Java Edition]Jungle Temple [Bedrock Edition]DungeonsEnd city

More items…

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What Does THORNS Enchantment Do in Minecraft? Video Answer

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