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Minecraft: The Island is a novel by American author Max Brooks, which was published by Del Rey Books on . Two audiobooks were also released on the same day, with narration provided by Jack Black and Samira Wiley, respectively. A sequel, Minecraft: The Mountain, was released on .

Washed up on a beach, the lone castaway looks around the shore. Where am I? Who am I? And why is everything made out of blocks? But there isn’t much time to soak up the sun. It’s getting d…

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What is Minecraft the island?

In the tradition of iconic stories like Robinson Crusoe and Treasure Island, Minecraft: The Island will tell the story of a new hero stranded in the world of Minecraft, who must survive the harsh, unfamiliar environment and unravel the secrets of the island. From the Hardcover edition. More Details…

Who is the author of Minecraft the island?

Minecraft: The Island Author Max Brooks Audio read by Jack Black Samira Wiley Cover artist Ian Wilding Country United States Language English 8 more rows …

Who is the narrator for Minecraft the island?

Minecraft: The Island, written by Max Brooks (World War Z), takes our main character from day one in the world of Minecraft to feeling somewhat comfortable with his new surroundings. The audiobook version can be purchased narrated by either Jack Black (Kung Fu Panda) or Samira Wiley (Orange is the

What makes the island a sandbox game?

He somehow translated the pixelated aesthetic of the videogame and made it integral to the fictional environment of The Island, and gave this open-ended "sandbox" adventure a narrative structure. And The Island even shares a worldvi

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