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The Hive server, now available to more Minecraft players! Minecraft servers! They’re a terrific way to play multiplayer Minecraft with …

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Server description. The Hive is a Minecraft PC Server with awesome minigames. We specialise in creating games that are fun for all! We’re one of the largest Minecraft servers in the world with regular updates and new content to show. …

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How do you connect to the hive Minecraft server?

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How to get the hive server on Minecraft PC?

So if you’re playing Minecraft on Xbox One, Windows 10 edition, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android, go to ‘Play’ in the main menu and then to the servers tab. Then enter The Hive. If you can’t see it yet, check back soon, as it’ll be rolling out on all those platforms today. Enjoy!

How to get into hive server on Minecraft?

Hive StatsTotal Unique Players 13,536,735Total Hive Games 32Monthly Bandwidth Used 200TBGames Played Each Day ~20,000Awesome Staff Members 54

How to get the hive server?

Hive JDBCHive JDBC URLHive JDBC driverKerberos config and keytab file details (if the Hadoop cluster is enabled with Kerberos authentication)

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The Hive – Minecraft Server – Launch Trailer (Minecraft Animation) Video Answer

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