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The moment we’ve all been waiting for since its announcement at Minecraft Live 2021 is almost here. The Wild Update will be both beautifying and terrifying the Overworld on June 7, so start compiling a list of all the stuff you’re going to pack in your boat’s chest! The Wild Update will add new biomes, mobs, and blocks to Minecraft.

That’s right, The Wild Update is finally here! If you haven’t already, you can download it for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition on Xbox , PlayStation, Nintendo Switch , iOS, Android, and Windows – and Minecraft: Java Edition on Windows, macOS , and Linux. On Windows, you can even play both editions, because Java & Bedrock for PC is out today!

Minecraft ‘The Wild Update’: Features and everything we …

The next update for Minecraft has been revealed as ‘The Wild Update,’ and it’s coming in 2022 with new areas, mobs, and the spooky Deep Dark. $6.99 (opens in new tab) at Amazon (opens in new tab)

2 days agoGame updates usually happen when the developers feel that they’re playable, fun, and ready for release. For Minecraft: Java Edition there are snapshots listed on our home page showcasing upcoming features before the final release. For Minecraft for Android devices, Xbox One and Windows, you can try beta versions. Note: If the information hasn’t already been …

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What is going to be in the next Minecraft update?

What’s next for Minecraft? The next big thing for Minecraft should be a revamp of the game’s mountains. At the moment, the date for this next update is unknown. Once we get one, though, we’ll be sure to update this article with what you can expect next. As mentioned above, the 1.16 Nether Update was released on June 23rd, 2020.

When will the next Minecraft update come out?

Minecraft’s next big release is called The Wild update, out 2022 By Rachel Watts published 16 October 21 The Wild update will focus on fine-tuning some of the blocky sandbox’s biomes.

What’s in the new Minecraft update?

Minecraft is a global phenomenon of a game, and continues to grow and evolve year over year. Back at Minecon 2019, Mojang Studios laid out a busy year for their open-world survival sandbox with two updates: the minor and adorable Buzzy Bees Update, followed by the absolutely massive and disruptive Nether Update.

What date is the new Minecraft update?

The Lunar New Year is here, and Minecraft is ready to celebrate alongside communities around the world with a free map, and tiger-themed character items. Let’s get right into it and see what the creators have prepared for this year’s virtual festivities.

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