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Here are a variety of download options: Download Launcher for Windows 10/11. Download Launcher for macOS.

The Minecraft Unified Launcher only launches Java Edition and Minecraft Dungeons and was made for Windows 7/8. The Minecraft Launcher for Windows will launch those titles and Minecraft for Windows, and it works on both Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Minecraft Launcher for Windows – Home

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Available on Windows, MacOS, and Linux! We were nervous when we first heard the rapid footsteps of the Launcher team scurrying up to our desk, but no need to panic – they come bearing good news! The new Launcher has gone live for the Java Edition of Minecraft for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. This is the first, big step in the Launcher team’s quest to create a unified …

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How to make your own Minecraft launcher?

Setting up Minecraft to install modsEdit the NAME field to be the same as the version of Minecraft that you want to modChange the VERSION dropdown to the version of Minecraft that you want to modClick the Create button

How to download the new Minecraft launcher?

New Minecraft launcher logo Next, you need to go to the Microsoft Store on your Windows PC and search for Minecraft Launcher (otherwise here is a direct link: Minecraft Launcher Microsoft Store). The Minecraft launcher will appear in the search and you will have to click on it, then download it.

How to get the new Minecraft launcher on your desktop?

If your profiles/installations have not copied over, please follow these steps:Open the %appdata%/minecraft folderCreate a copy of launcher_profiles.jsonDelete launcher_profiles_microsoft_store.jsonRename the copied version of launcher_profiles.json to launcher_profiles_microsoft_store.json

How to reopen the new Minecraft launcher?

Minecraft Launcher Failure This article is intended to help troubleshoot issues with the launcher for Minecraft: Java Edition . There are many issues that can lead to the Minecraft Java Launcher becoming unresponsive or inoperable.

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