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LilacMC Update v1.7 – 1.18 World Update. General Updates/Fixes Mob ball tooltip fixed. Despawn timer for common items has been lowered to 30 seconds. (netherrack, seeds, cobblestone, crops, etc.) Hopper limit per chunk lowered to 20. Increased network player limit from 50 to 200. PWarp set command expire timer increased from 5 to 15 seconds …

Guides. LilacMC‘s Official Guides. Do you need assistance as to how to play on …

LilacMC Towny Minecraft Server | IP, Similar Servers, …

LilacMC’s Vote Links Vote links are used for LilacMC to gain more popularity. Certain …

LilacMC is a unique Minecraft Towny server that focuses on providing a quality and fun gameplay for everybody to enjoy. The server focuses on player-driven economy with a lot of custom-made plugins & other features. Newest feature: 1.19 Client Support! Learn more about LilacMC by visiting our website or you can go ahead and join our Discord server!

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