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Gear up in the latest Minecraft x PUMA streetwear collection and race in 3 unique maps including a City, the Arctic, and a PUMA-inspired jungle! Get it now. Climb high and dig deep. Explore bigger mountains, caves, and biomes along with an increased world height and updated terrain generation in the Caves & Cliffs Update: Part II!

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How to download Minecraft if you already bought it?

If you already own Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition, you can download the game again through Windows Store without paying for the game again. Here’s how: Launch Windows Store and click on the sign in icon beside the Search box. Add the Microsoft account that you used to purchase the game.

How do you download Minecraft on a computer?

You can open the official Minecraft website on your Windows or Mac PC by clicking on the link below. You can download the Minecraft game on your PC by selecting Menu > click on Trial > Download > and then selecting the Minecraft game. The third step is to download the Minecraft app and enter your Minecraft account information.

How do you download Minecraft for free?

How to Install Minecraft on WindowsClick on the Download button (on the sidebar) to visit the Minecraft Free Trial page.Once you’re on the Minecraft site, click the DOWNLOAD button.After the file downloads to your computer, it will open automatically. Click NEXT two times and then click on the INSTALL button.When the installation is complete, click on the FINISH button.The game will automatically open. Click CONTINUE WITHOUT LOGIN.Click on the big button to start.This will bring you the login page. If you don’t have an account, click SIGN UP.Create your account by clicking on the REGISTER HERE button.All you need is an email address and password — no credit card required.After you receive a 4 digit verification code in your email, enter it in the box.You’ll be redirected to a purchase page. You don’t have to purchase the game to play. Just open up the app and log in with your new account credentials.The game will update to the latest version and then click on PLAY DEMO WORLD.Start exploring and building your Minecraft world

How to get Minecraft for free?

Use your water buckets to place running water at the ends of your bridges, against the wall. If you spaced it correctly, the water should flow down the bridges and stop right at the edge of your well. Make sure the water doesn’t flow down the well — this will save the enemies from fall damage.

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