How to make a secret base in minecraft

Minecraft: How To Build A Secret Base Tutorial (Hidden House)In this Minecraft build tutorial I show you how to make a secret base that is 100% hidden and bo…

Minecraft: How to Build a Secret Tree Base TutorialHow to build a super secret underground tree base in Minecraft! Subscribe to SmithersBoss:…

How to Make a Secret Base in Minecraft (with Pictures)

Steps. 1. Find a spot that’s empty where you’ll be able to dig down. [1] Dig a 3x3x3 hole for the redstone device. It will serve as an entrance. Make … Tips. …

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How to make a secure hidden base in Minecraft?

Tame some passive animals.Pigs, Rabbits, Cows, Chickens, and Sheep follow you around when you bring their respective favorite food, and you can breed them with it too! …Ocelots are another passive but skittish mob. In order to tame one, have raw fish in your hand and wait for it to come towards you. …Llamas are another pseudo-passive mob. …

How to build the safest base in Minecraft?

When looking for a place to settle down, it is a good idea to search for wide-open areas, like:On top of a Hill (Plateaus are particularly nice)Near the OceanThe bottom of a ValleyThe PlainsCompletely UndergroundAn Entire Island

How to make a cool underground base in Minecraft?

[Top 10] Minecraft Best Underground BaseMulti-Room Underground Base. This design is very unique and provides multiple rooms for everything you’d need in a base, along with a secretive surprise or two!Another Awesome Circular Base. This eye-catching underground base stands out because of how it is beautifully decorated and yet still extremely functional.Ultimate Underground Base. …Cave Base. …

More items…

How to make an unraidable base in Minecraft?

Minecraft Factions – HOW TO MAKE AN UNRAIDABLE MINECRAFT FACTIONS BASE!! – #18SERVER IP: Pvpwars.netFORUMS: LINKSTwitter: https://…

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Minecraft: How To Build A Modern Secret Base Tutorial – (Hidden House) Video Answer

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