How to get melon seeds in minecraft

This is one of the rarest ways to get melon seeds in a Minecraft world. Find Melon Seeds in Jungles or Villages. If you come across a naturally generating melon or melon stem, you can break it using your hand, a tool, or any in-game block. Irrespective of how you break it, you can get up to 3-5 melons and 0-3 melon seeds from it, making this method the easiest to find

6 Ways to Find Melon Seeds in Minecraft – wikiHow

Where to find melon seeds in Minecraft. Village chests and farms. Minecraft Xbox 360 – How to get Melons / Melon Farm Tutorial Watch on. …

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How do you get beetroot seeds in Minecraft?

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How do you make a melon farm in Minecraft?

Place a piston layer on top of that. …Alternate farm and piston layers, as many as you want. …After the last piston layer, build the cap layer instead of another farm layer. …Last of all, build the top layer, place the water, and mine out those temporary blocks. …

How do you get watermelon seeds in Minecraft?

put melons from the barn into your crafting table, you will get one seed per melon. Hope that helps Go to the barn, on your right you should see some melons, put the melons in the crafting table and you should get some seeds, or you can go to the farmer shop which located in the village near the bank!

Do melons need water to grow in Minecraft?

Watermelon usually grows on farmland near water. It will need a clear block above the stem and an empty block next to the stem to grow watermelon. You need to create or find wet farmland. After that, make sure that there is a clear block over your block.

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How To Find Melon Seeds In Minecraft? Video Answer

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