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JE: <enchantment>: item_enchantment BE: enchantmentId: int: int or <enchantmentName: Enchant>: enum. Specifies the enchantment to be added to the item held in main hand by the target. JE: <level>: integer BE: level: int: int. Specifies the enchantment level. Should be not greater than the maximum level …

JE: <targets>: entity BE: player: target: CommandSelector<Actor> 1. Specifies the target(s). 2. Must be a player name, a target selector or a UUID‌[Java Edition only]. JE: <enchantment…

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How to enchant using commands in Minecraft?

What are the best sword enchantments?Sweeping Edge. …Fire Aspect. …Smite. …Knockback. …Sharpness. The maximum level of sharpness is 5. …Looting. You can maximize your looting to the 3rd level. …Unbreaking. You can take your unbreaking to the 3rd level, and it is the maximum. …Mending. The mending tool has a maximum of level 1.

How to get Max enchantments in Minecraft?

TridentMending (must-have, as tridents can otherwise only be repaired with other tridents)Unbreaking IIILoyalty III and Channeling or only Riptide III *Impaling V (useful for fighting guardians, but not drowneds ‌[ JE only], or underwater combat in general‌[ BE only])

How to get the unbreaking enchantment in Minecraft?

You can block the following attacks using your shield in Minecraft:Melee attacksArrows (without the piercing enchantment)FireballsTridentsSnowballsThornsExplosionsTNT (not ignited by yourself or by a redstone mechanism)Non-magical projectilesGuardian/elder guardian lasers

How to get op enchantments in Minecraft?

/enchant @p [enchant name] [level]Enchants whatever is in your main hand/give @p stick {Enchantments: [ {id:"minecraft:knockback",lvl:1000}]} 1Gives a stick with Knockback 1000. Useful for trolling.

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How To Use /Enchant Command In Minecraft PS4/Xbox/PE/Bedrock Video Answer

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