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A candle is a light source, which exists in an uncolored variant and 16 dyed ones. Candles can be lit with flint and steel and extinguished by water or by right-clicking. They can also be waterlogged, but cannot be lit while waterlogged.

Non-dyed candles and white candle…
Candles can be mined using any too…

How to Craft Candles in Minecraft: 12 Steps (with Pictures)



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How do you make a candle in Minecraft?

Killing Spiders and Cave SpidersKilling StridersKilling CatsDestroying CobwebsDestroying TripwireFishingLooting chests in Dungeons, Bastion Remnants, Desert Temples, Pillager Outposts, and Woodland MansionsReceiving gifts from catsBartering with Villagers

How to craft Minecraft candle?

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Are there candles in Minecraft?

Yes, candles make a great decoration in Minecraft. As well as being practical for lighting purposes, you can use them to decorate cakes, or to decorate builds where torches or other light sources don’t fit well. Thanks! Can I craft torches?

How to get candles in Minecraft?

These biomes and their chances are as follows:Plains (5% chance in both Java and Bedrock editions)Sunflower plains (5% chance in both Java and Bedrock editions)Flower forest (2% chance in Java, 3% in Bedrock)Forest (.2% in Java, .035% in Bedrock)Wooded hills (.2% in Java, .035% in Bedrock)Birch forest (.2% in Java, .035% in Bedrock)Tall birch forest (.2% in Java, .035% in Bedrock)

More items…

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Find at least 1 string. Each candle needs 1 piece of string to craft. String can be obtained by: …
Find at least 1 string. Each candle needs 1 piece of string to craft. String can be obtained by: …
Get 2 iron ingots. Iron ingots are primarily obtained by mining iron ore and smelting either …
Craft a pair of shears. Open a crafting table or your inventory and place the 2 iron ingots …
Find a bee nest. Bee nests can generate in plains, sunflower plains, flower forests, forests, …
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How to Craft and Use a Candle in Minecraft! (1.17+) | Easy Minecraft Tutorial Video Answer

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