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Conditions apply; results may vary.) 15. Ice-land Village (-7927740399004943842) This seed honestly feels like something out of the Elder Scrolls. You are spawned into a normal plains biome village, but all around is an ice spike biome. As far as the eye can see, there is nothing but ice, snow, and polar bears.

3) Seed: -6959380534049454472. Jungle biome (Image via Minecraft Wiki) One of the biggest ways to retain one’s interest in a world is to build or terraform. Fortunately, this seed has an excellent …

30 Best Minecraft Survival Seeds in 2021 – Fiction Horizon

30 Best Minecraft Survival Islands in 2021. 1. Minimalist Survival Island. Seed: 3366408241916580461. This minimalist setting may inspire you to do some soul-searching. It is impossible to find … 2. Castaway Double Shipwreck. 3. 12 – Eye End Portal Seed. 4. Mansion In the Heartwood. 5. Ocean …

11. Minecraft 1.18.1 Survival Seed with No Villages. One of the best and most relieving parts of any Minecraft survival world is its villages. But what if you load up a seed and it has no villages, at least not within the first 1800 blocks of your spawn. This seed puts you into this exact scenario on both Minecraft 1.18.1 Java and Bedrock editions.

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What are some good Minecraft survival seeds?

[Top 15] Minecraft Best Seeds (2020 Edition) 1.Mesa -8427444967367737379. Did you bring your camera? These views are stunning! 2. Ice Spikes -4186746847636013829. 3. Underwater Temple -5181140359215069925. 4. Zombie Village 427074153. 5. Bamboo Forest with Pandas 1959330209.

What are the best seeds for survival?

Seed Code: 944710140Biomes: Taiga and PlainsVillage Coordinates: X: -511, Y: 145, Z: -501Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: -254, Y: 112, Z: -431

What is the easiest seed on Minecraft?

Best beginner seeds in MinecraftMansion, pillager, village, and Nether portal. This pillager tower near a village is definitely dangerous, but if the player is looking for a good battle, this is the seed …Everything a player needs. Similar to the first seed, this seed spawns the player in a plains village. …Two villages, two biomes. …Badlands Mineshaft. …Mushroom island safety. …

What is the best Minecraft seed?

Seed Code: 566150195776055707Biomes: PlainsLava Pool Coordinates: X: 20, Y: 64, Z: -17

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Best Minecraft 1.18 Seeds for Survival | Top 3 Minecraft Seeds Video Answer

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