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Island tower village. Seed: -6537256334104833826 | Version 1.18. Minecraft Villages are having a bit of a crisis in 1.18, and this is a great example. Out in the ocean west of your spawn point is …

The best Minecraft seeds for 1.18 | PC Gamer

Up to 30% cash back 10 Best Minecraft Seeds 1. Minecraft Seed Island. If you love exploring the world of Minecraft and look for treasure hidden in different places,… 2. A Song of Ice and Spire. This seed is one of the best Minecraft seeds that contain a lot of adventure and thrill. It… 3. Village Cut in Half by …

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What are the best seeds in Minecraft?

Seed Code: 1967697203Biomes: DesertStronghold Village Coordinates: X: -424, Y: 70, Z: -968Desert Temple Coordinates: X: -472, Y: 70, Z: -872Outpost Coordinates: X: -536, Y: 100, Z: -776Second Desert Temple Coordinates: X: -696, Y: 69, Z: -920

What is the best Minecraft seed?

Seed Code: 566150195776055707Biomes: PlainsLava Pool Coordinates: X: 20, Y: 64, Z: -17

What are some interesting Minecraft seeds?

Best Minecraft Seeds 2021Slime Farm/Swamp Biome. Let’s start with something simple, fun, and a little gloopy. …Frozen Island Minecraft Seed. Slime not really your thing? …Jungle Temple of Diamonds & Bones. …Savanna Villages on the Great Plains. …Castaway Minecraft Seed. …Woodland Mansion Seed. …Turtle Power Minecraft Seed. …Minecraft Title Screen. …Horse Island Survival. …

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What are the best seeds for Minecraft PE?

Top 5 Best Seeds For Building In Minecraft PEDesert Village. One of the best seeds for building in Minecraft PE calls the name of Desert Village. …Mushroom Island. This is another ideal building seed as it spawns users on a flat ground that happens to locate close to a mushroom island.Triple Villages. …Island Village. …Island. …

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Top 10 BEST Seeds For 1.18 Minecraft (Bedrock Edition + Java) Video Answer

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