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LEGO Minecraft is a licensed LEGO theme of sets based on Minecraft. Currently, 85 sets have been released. There have been three main types of sets – the "Micro World" sets, each made up of four modules which are each 6×6 studs in size, the normal LEGO minifigure scale sets, and the "Big Fig" sets, each consisting of …

The original Micro World set centers around the player (Steve) and one of the game’s antagonists, a creeper. The scene is depicted in the Overworld and depicts a few biomes, including a …

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What is the best Lego set in the Minecraft series?

The Best Lego Minecraft Sets For The Money. #1 LEGO Minecraft The Bedrock Adventures – EDITOR’S CHOICE. #2 Minecraft Pirate Ship Adventure – Best for Pirate-Themed Enthusiasts. #3 The Skeleton Attack – Best Set For Under-7-Year-Olds. #4 The Polar Igloo – Budget Pick.

What LEGO set has the most Lego guns?

LEGO’s Spice Girls Tribute BrickHeadz set will include 578 pieces overall, and it will be available to purchase here at for $49.99. A release date hasn’t been announced at the time of …

What are the best Lego Technic sets?

The 75 Best LEGO Technic Sets: RankedLEGO TECHNIC LIEBHERR R 9800 EXCAVATOR 42100 Behold the absurdity of the Liebherr R 9800 Excavator. …LEGO TECHNIC BUCKET WHEEL EXCAVATOR 42055 Get ready to dig deep with the enormous Bucket Wheel Excavator! …LEGO TECHNIC PORSCHE 911 GT3 RS 42056 If you can honestly say that you’ve never dreamed about owning a Porsche, kindly see yourself out. …

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How many Lego bricks are in one Lego set?

How many types of Lego bricks are there? There are about 2,350 different elements in the LEGO range – plus 52 different LEGO colours. Each element may be sold in a wide variety of different colours and decorations, bringing the total number of active combinations to more than 7,000.

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